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As a freelance journalist, I write regularly for various online and offline publications.




The Hindu

Why storytelling will never be passé: on the trend of growing online readership
On Digital Narratives
Appeared in the front page of the The Hindu Metro Plus Supplement on May 8, 2018, print and online editions

Where Words Took Centrestage 
At the DSC Jaipur Literature Festival 2012, Jan 20-24, Jaipur
Appeared as the centrespread in The Hindu supplement on Feb 1, 2012 print edition


Living Magazine, Sri Lanka (Illustration Columnist)
Lanka Monthly Digest Magazine, Sri Lanka (Feature Columnist)

Find scanned copies of the published works here

Online Publications

Thrive Global

Curiosity saves the world: learning as a civic responsibility
Here’s How To Stay Relevant In An Automated World

The Curious Reader

The Delightful And The Dark: Exploring Roald Dahl’s Adult Fiction 
Books and Wanderlust: Buying Books While Travelling 

Packaging of the World

Fragrances Meets Words: An Ode To Perfume Using Packaging
A write-up on a design project executed on behalf of Bizongo

About.com: Bollywood & Indian Cinema Section

Owing to the complete rebranding of About.com, all old sites, including the Bollywood and Indian Cinema site, were pulled down.
Find a compilation of my film writing here
My Film critic page on Review Monk

NewCampus Blog

What is colearning and other facts about colearning at NewCampus
Meet the NewCampus Community: Chandrakumar Natarajan
Learning to make you future-ready: the NewCampus curriculum pillars

Tribe Theory Media

Women in the workforce: A conversation with Kaidi Ruusalepp: Part 1 & Part 2
A ‘FunDay’ with Gaurav Oswal: On entrepreneurship, sports training and going slow


Owing to rebranding, all old links have been changed and some articles lost forever. Find a compilation of my work for burrp on my blog, The Polished Morsel

LinkedIn ‘Jobscapes’ Series

To The In-Betweeners: A Complete Guide To Smartly Survive The Time Between Jobs
Featured in: Careers: The Next Level and India sections of Pulse and has 20,577 Views, 1508 likes, 133 Comments and 230 shares
The Complete List of Things You Should Never Do When Applying For Jobs
13,722 Views 580 Likes 90 Comments 94 Shares
What To Find Out About Your Future Employer Before You Sign Up
6,676 Views  521 Likes 34 Comments 84 Shares

Opinion Pieces on Medium

A Tamil Girl Writes To Bollywood
Listed as Top 100 articles read around the world on Medium in the month of May 2014 with 69000 views
Nearing 30, Unmarried and Clueless!
Written as part of the #BeingaModernIndianWoman archive
The Ten Commandments of How to Love in the Indian subcontinent
Republished as The Ten Commandments of Love for Indians by Jodi Logik



Amused | Anthology

Eight of my short stories were published in the anthology of short stories called AMUSED published by Maitreya Publications.

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