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I have really enjoyed collaborating with Sandhya over the past 6 months! I chose her to be one of 10 community leaders in Buffer’s Slack community of over 4,000 members, and she continuously impresses me with her thoughtfulness, creative ideas, and desire to positively impact the people around her.

She truly has a deep intuition about and understanding of what it means to build community. Sandhya brings an amazing enthusiasm and a positive energy to all of her interactions and I know she’d be an asset to any team!
— Arielle Tannenbaum, Community strategist at Buffer.

I have worked with Sandhya for a period of two years. Sandhya is one of the most self-motivated people I have seen around, constantly involved in learning new things and getting better at what she does.

Her sense of professionalism is extremely astute, always doing more than what is expected. She is an extremely creative person with the ability to think of a hundred ideas on a single topic. With her self-motivated attitude, she manages to inspire and push people around her to do better always. She is always willing to share her tips and tricks and learnings from her experience making all conversations with her very enriching.

I had a wonderful time working with Sandhya and would surely love to collaborate with her again in future.
— Shalmali Patkar, Associate Director, Marketing at Bizongo

Sandhya is creatively versatile, extremely talented and easily one of the best people to work with. As a mentor and manager, she has motivated the team towards producing responsible quality work. Bubbling with ideas, from content topics, photography, graphic designs to even giving voice-overs and editing videos, Sandhya is committed to her work.
— Vartika Gupta, Core Team at Vokal India

Sandhya”s creative and innovative thinking along with being a good team player and with her inputs can be a great asset to any project. I had once used her as an Anchor in a Pilot Episode for a private channel. Her grasp and understanding of the media were good.
— Jagadish Prasad, Head of Product Development at Gyalizo Ke
Sandhya is a pure talent, full of passion towards her work. She is one of the few individuals who can grasp any subject extremely well and lightning fast in executing any project.

She is a detail oriented, a futuristic fantastic professional who understands the international scheme of things in media like a hawk ! she is a great colleague to have in your team. I wish Sandhya all the best in what she does.
— Aftab Sheikh, Associate Director - Digital Technology & Platforms at The Walt Disney Company

Sandhya is a very focused, hardworking and creative filmmaker. Her vision for the Diploma film project and team spirit inspired all team members. Sandhya is very articulative and she a brilliant writer. She will be an asset wherever she goes!
— Sanchari Mahapatra, Color, Materials & Finish designer at Honda R&D Americas, Inc.

Sandhya is a great friend of mine who strives for excellence in her work. Her attention to details is one of her key strengths and she always seeks out ways to provide optimal value. Sandhya is a very motivated, talented and resourceful individual who makes things happen. She is a strategic thinker who can create tactically and can manage and develop things ready for execution. She is an excellent asset to any organization. She knows how to get the job done!
— Sadhana Bhagat, Vice President - Design at Beeinsured.com

I found Sandhya has a highly vibrant professional who has the ability to dissipate her enthusiasm into her readers. Sandhya indulges with people, place & food, hence they get a lot of attention in her works.

She assumed a PR role and helped us to launch our website into the blog world at ease, which you know is an essential element for a start-up unit. I believe her passion to CREATE & willingness to COLLABORATE makes her a good team player.

I always envied her spirit to express and picked up a couple of narrating techniques from her. Sandhya, keep up the good work of enriching human life.
— Maruthu Pandian, Founder of Naanal Medias; Head - Sales & Marketing at Rivertail Travel & Tourism Pvt. Ltd.


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